Winter Snow Boots, What to Look for in Snow Boots

Although winter boots and snow boots often go hand in hand, there are some distinct differences between the two. True winter snow boots will have a variety of distinct features that simple winter boots may not have, however. Snow boots are meant to not only keep feet warm and dry, but they must also be durable enough to crunch through snowy conditions. This means that they must have solid insulation built into the boot. Snow boots can be heavier than other types of boots, and are designed for direct content with cold, wet elements.

On the other hand, regular boots may only be designed to keep feet warm or look stylish in the winter months. True winter snow boots will be somewhat rugged to achieve these multiple purposes. They are designed to keep feet warm, but they will also be durable. They are designed so that you can stand or walk through snow for prolonged periods of time. Many manufacturers of these snow boots issue ratings so that you know just how cold it can get for you to keep wearing the boots without getting frostbite. These can be worn by serious mountaineers as well as those who simply have to commute in the winter in areas with lots of snow.

It's recommended that the best winter snow boots extend past the hem of your pants, above your ankle if possible. The correct height will depend on how high snow gets in the region where you live, however. Some people will only need to have proper snow boots to wear once or twice a year, while others will need the type of investment that will withstand serious expeditions or a very long winter full of waist high snow. In either case, be sure to look at other accessories to protect you from the elements, such as snow pants as well.

The soles of the best winter snow boots will be made from a completely waterproof material, such as vinyl or rubber. These should have treads on them so that you don't slip and fall in wet and slippery conditions. This can also make it easier to keep your snow boots clean. Just because snow boots are designed to be highly functional doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice all sense of style to wear them. There is a wide range of different colours, styles, and sizes to choose from when you are looking at the top snow boots this winter.