Winter Snow Boots, Top Styles of the Season

In the winter, it seems that fashion can sometimes take a backseat to warmth and functional clothing. If you are living in a climate that is prone to harsh winters, you probably want to make sure that your feet are covered well and protected from the cold and snow, instead of worrying about how they will look when you step outside. However, with such a wide range of winter snow boots now available to consumers, itís possible to be both fashionable and comfortable at the same time. All you have to do is take a look at the latest trends to see proof of this.

Today's modern winter snow boots are a far cry from the clunky padded boots of the past. These boots may be available in a wide range of different heights, to begin with. Ankle boots are easy to wear with trousers, although when there is a lot of snow on the ground it can be both chic and practical to tuck your jeans into knee high boots. This is a look that has been around for several years, but continues to endure because it lengthens the leg while keeping your feet dry and safe from harm.

A new addition to the winter snow boots styles that has just popped up in the past few seasons are over the knee boots. These are an edgier version of the knee high boots, and can be both sexy and practical at the same time. They keep your legs and feet well shielded from the cold, while at the same time giving you the look of super long legs. Worn with skirts or trousers, this can be a good addition to your winter wardrobe and instantly give an otherwise drab outfit a touch of contemporary cool.

Another trend that has been seen this season in winter snow boots is the addition of hardware such as buckles. It seems like the more pockets and buckles, the better. Some of the top quality boots are crafted from natural materials such as sheepskin or leather, because these can be easily waterproofed for the snow and are the most effective materials for keeping feet clean and dry when out in the harsh weather conditions that are typical of the season. A good pair of boots can be an investment piece, so itís a good idea to choose a design that is not overly trendy, but still style conscious.