Winter Snow Boots, Current Trends in Winter Boots

Although in most climates the most important factor to think about when you are choosing winter snow boots is how warm and dry they will keep your feet, with a wide range of stylistic options out there, you can play around with fashion even in blizzard conditions. From booties to over the knee boots, you can experiment with the height of your boots as well as the material and decorative touches. It's helpful to get started by taking a look at what the hottest trends are this winter season. Because winter boots can last you for several seasons, however, it's a good idea to choose a pair that you won't grow tired of, and make them a sound investment.

One look that has been all over the runways, both in apparel and winter snow boots, is everything having to do with fur. You can find boots that are lined with real fur, or for a more animal friendly option, you can choose faux fur or shearling trim instead. These may serve as simply the lining of your boots, or they could poke out over the top and serve as a decorative trim. Fur, whether it is real or fake, is practical for keeping feet warm in snowy conditions. Sheepskin is another material that is practical and stylish.

Some brave fashion followers choose to look for winter snow boots with heels. These can look great over skinny jeans, but be sure to only choose heels that are low or mid height at most. These are usually chunky or wedge heels, which are practical enough to wear in the snow without falling over. If you want a pair of winter boots that you can walk in, but also want to be able to wear them out on the town, this trend may be the perfect fit.

Another popular option when it comes to winter snow boots is to choose those that lace up. These let you customize the fit of your boots, because you can tighten them up when the weather is frightful. Be sure that the laces are not just decorative, however. Finally, you might notice puffy boots on the racks this winter. These can be quilted or stuffed with down. From sheepskin to high heeled lace up boots, there is no shortage of styles out there to choose from. The fluffier and more comfortable the boot, the more enduring it will be throughout the seasons.