Uggs and their Infinite Styling Options

Many people may wish to try to pull off the stylish and popular look that Uggs give you, but may be hesitant because it seems possible to end up looking frumpy in them. There are a few tips for women to keep in mind that let you stay on track with the latest trends, while at the same time staying true to your personal style. They can be dressed up or down, depending on the accessories that you choose to pair them with. It's also important to remember that they make a strong statement all by themselves.

The biggest benefit that Uggs give their wearers has nothing to do with how they look. They are well known for being some of the most comfortable boots that you can possible wear without resorting to slippers. Because they have flexible yet durable soles, they are appropriate for walking in the city and the beach, or on even more rugged terrain. They are meant to conform to their wearer's feet after a few days of use, which ensures an individual fit, which is something that few other types of footwear can promise. In addition, the sheepskin that they are made from allows feet and legs to breathe far better than any other type of material.

For all those reasons, Uggs are at the forefront of comfort, and this explains their popularity among the surfers of Australia. However, they have been co-opted by the fashion elite as well, and this is where you can get into the styling issues if you still want to retain a polished look while strolling around. The difference between Ugg boots and other types of boots is their size, which is quite large. Therefore to tone this down, you will want to wear tights, leggings, skinny pants, or have bare legs with them so that your legs don't look larger than they are in real life.

Another way to make Uggs look more girly and less rugged, if that fits into your personal sense of style, would be to wear them with a dress or skirt. A light sundress and cardigan with Ugg boots is a typically Californian look that would be at home in just about any city with nice weather. This lets you look polished, while at the same time experiencing a bit of rugged edge that the Australian boots are able to give you. That is part of the appeal, aside from the extreme comfort, which is this edge.