Sheepskin Boots, The History of Sheepskin Boots

A common material seen today in boots from Australia such as the world famous Uggs, sheepskin has actually been used for centuries. The earliest documented use of sheepskin boots is on a mummy from 500 B.C. found in China. However, Plato also wrote about people wearing sheepskin around their feet in ancient Greece, so it seems that the trend was a global one. These are but a few of the very earliest documented sightings of these popular forms of boots, which perhaps were not that different from the types worn today.

Several tribal cultures, including the people of Tibet and the Eskimos have also been noted for wearing sheepskin boots. In Tibet, these boots were used in ceremonies and for dancing, with the boots available in a range of different bright colors. The Eskimo and Inuit people would oil the boots to make them waterproof, using seal or whale oil. Russian boots have also been made out of sheepskin to survive the rough winters in these northern parts of the world. That same craftsmanship has survived today, which is why many of the top winter snow boots are made out of sheepskin.

In the past 100 years, sheepskin boots were made in Glastonbury, England, by the Morland brand. These were initially used for driving around, because the first cars were open and left feet exposed to the elements. The sheepskin blends from Morland were used by Sir Edmund Hilary when he climbed Mount Everest, as a way to keep feet warm rather than for actual mountain climbing purposes. These were then also used by aviators who needed to keep warm when up in the sky.

Today, you will see sheepskin boots on the feet of many of the world's top celebrities and fashion followers. They are also used for practical purposes. Sheepskin has a unique ability to wick away moisture from the feet, making it ideal to use in all seasons. The top sheepskin designs also use merino wool, typically from Australia and New Zealand, because this is a natural material that goes so well with the sheepskin. When you are looking at the wide range of different styles out there, it's fun to imagine the rich history that sheepskin footwear has had. Used now for thousands of years, this is a trend that is unlikely to die any time soon, making these boots one of the most classic types of footwear imaginable.