Sheepskin Boots, How to Maximize Comfort

Seen on the feet of surfers in Australia as well as Hollywood's hottest stars, sheepskin boots have been fashionable for decades now, and have reached the point of being considered a style classic due to their longevity. Although they can be quite fashionable in appearance when paired with a dress or worn over skinny trousers, the real appeal of this type of boot is the comfort factor. Sheepskin is one of the most comfortable materials that you can possibly wear next to your feet, and it is appropriate in all seasons throughout the year. It's a good idea to take a closer look at just what makes sheepskin so special.

The natural properties of wool include the fact that it is able to wick moisture away from the feet. This is significant because it means that in hot weather, when other types of boots would make your feet sweaty, the sheepskin boots are able to take that sweat and keep it off your feet. They remain cool and dry in the summer. In the winter months, by contrast, the wool is able to protect cold feet by insulating them. If any moisture gets into the boot, it is also kept at bay by this insulation, ensuring that your feet remain warm and dry in the winter months. There are very few, if any, other materials that have this same natural property.

When you are comparing different sheepskin boots, it's a good idea to see what grade they are made from. The finest crafted sheepskin footwear is made from twin faced sheepskin. It will be treated on both the fleece and the skin side, making it extremely soft and comfortable. The finest sheepskin is also quite dense and soft, making it not only durable but comfortable. It breathes naturally, so your feet get some circulation. Because sheepskin is thermostatic, it is able to keep your feet as close to your natural body temperature as possible, no matter what the temperature might be outside.

To get the best use out of your sheepskin boots, it's recommended to wear them with bare feet. This will keep your foot close to the natural cushioning of the fuzzy fleece inside the boot, maximizing warmth and the other natural properties that wool retains. The best fit for these boots is one that is quite snug with bare feet, but not too tight. It's worth trying on a few pairs to find the best fit, as these can be a long lasting investment.