Quality Ugg Boot Styles for the Discerning Buyer

Who would thought, that the good old Australian Ugg Boot would have become a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world with teenagers and adults alike worldwide, flocking to this Fluffy Footwear. Australian's got over the ugg craze around 1985, but it seems that the rest of the world is just catching up, and causing a revival of ugg fashion in Australia as well. Have you even wondered why Uggs are so popular, and an incredibly comfortable boot - to-boot !

Authentic Australian Ugg Boots are made from Sheepskin of the highest quality typical of Australian sheep wool. Many overseas providers have copied the Australian's and tried to get in on the ugg craze, but only Australian original ugg boots have the sort of quality and comfort that most are looking for. If you want authentic Ugg Boots of hte highest quality, then you need to shop from an Austrlian ugg boots supplier.

If you choose to buy uggs from an inferior overseas supplier then buyer beware! The wool of the boot doesn't breathe as well as it needs to, and if the boots get damp you can end up with a pair of smelly sheep on your feet! (not pleasant!).

People often ask if animals are hurt in the production of Sheepskin Boots. Well quite obviously the sheep is no longer with us if the boots are made of its skin, but the cold hard fact is that the sheep was going to be used for meat production anyway. Sheepskin is a by product of the use of Sheep for meat / consumption and not just for the sheepskin - so sheep are not killed just for the sheepskin.

So if you're looking for quality uggs using the best Australian sheepskin, visit our online store now and checkout our latest 2009 Ugg Boot styles.