Outdoor ugg boots

Ugg Boots, Woolly boots, Australian Sheepskin boots, Cardy Boots, or whatever your preferred name for Ugg Boots, there's no denying that Uggs are the latest craze in teen and adult fashion. You'll probably end up wearing them more than your favourite pair of jeans, your hoodie and especially your Nike Airs!

So if you're been living the life of a hermit and haven't yet come across the Ugg phenomenon, here's a run down on what this new form of footwear is all about.

In Australia, Australian's have been wearing sheepskin uggs boots since the Brit's threw them off the tall ships to build their new colony. Ugg's are so common in Australia that attempts the trademark the term Ugg Boots failed in Australia as it was descriptive of a type of boot and not a specific product.

Aussie's love the outdoors, and despite the heat of the Australian desert, there are plenty of times of the year, and places in Australia where the warmth of natural sheepskin is a definate plus in the land downunder. Popular with the surfing crowd, the sight of a pair of uggs appearing from the side of a VW combi has been gracing the shores of Bell's Beach since the 60's. It was only a short journey across the pacific from Aussie beachwear to hollywood sheik-wear with female celebrity's getting their womens uggs on such as Pamela Anderson, and magazine's like Marie Clare, Teen Vogue and Cosmo featuring celebrity stars and starlets sporting the latest in sheepskin ugg boot fashion. In recent times mens ugg boots have come into the fray and are pretty common to be seen in the homes and on the streets of Los Angeles, New York and London.

Ask your average Australian and they'll tell you about the pair of uggs they wore in their teenage years, but ask the average US or UK teenager, and they'll *show* you the pair of uggs they are wearing this week. Typically for women it will be a pair of womens tall uggs in ever popular classic style - you just can't beat classic looks.

Love em, hate em or just curious - you wont find a more comfortable, and warm form of attire for your tootsies and who knows - you might just look cool getting your ugg on!