Fashionable Sheepskin Boots for Women

Fashion designers constantly release new boots and shoes in the hopes of appealing to the female market. Trends come and go, but some styles last for years. When sheepskin boots first hit the store shelves, women took notice. The boots first started becoming trendy during the 1990s and 2000s as some of the top celebrities in the world started wearing the boots. Originally, people assumed that the boots were only for winter use, but celebrities proved them wrong. By wearing the boots with short dresses and skirts, the celebrities showed that the boots worked for all four seasons.

These boots are not only stylish, but comfortable. The boots appeal to women that previously only wore uncomfortable stiletto boots or heeled boots that put pressure on the ball of the foot. When you wear a heeled boot, it raises the natural arch of your foot and puts more weight on the toes. This crunches the toes and makes the feet feel uncomfortable. You do not have the same problems when you wear sheepskin boots. The boots have a flat bottom or a slight heel and an oversize fits that does not put any additional pressure on the feet.

The cushioned bottom of the boots let the boots mould to the bottom of your feet. Since the boot has an oversize fit, it works equally well on plus size women. The design of the boot also appeals to women because it looks great with leggings and skinny jeans. Both the inside and outside of the boots feature sheepskin; the inside is a natural cream colour, while the outside has a richer or darker colour. The neutral colours are the most popular because the black, tan, and brown varieties pair nicely with different clothing.

Sheepskin boots come in multiple designs. The basic design with hidden seams is popular, but so too is the design with an exposed seam. The exposed seam runs down the side of the boots, which can make your legs look longer. There are also designs that take the basic design and add stylish decorations to the boot. These boots feature lacing details on the front or side or buttons. The button style uses large buttons along the side of the button, which acts as a stylish detail. The boots look so fashionable that many women now wear the boots for everything from special occasions to running errands around town.